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Originally Posted by snugglesnsunshine
for some reason, I speak my mind a little more when pregs. I don't think I'm harsh. I just talk when I would normally be silent. I stand up for myself more. Nothing wrong with that.

I also cried at some tv show the other day and I was thinking "how lame" WHILE I was doing it.

Whitney-My MIL is a twin and she would have a FIT if I had twins. I know it does not matter she's a twin because she's not MY mother, but, anyway- I think it's awesome that your intuition was THAT good.
It wasn't so much mine as Dh's. I think I was in denial. I was just hoping it meant I had a girl on the way, but maybe that is the case as well.
My sister that has 3 year old twins was ecstatic, she said she had enough excitement for the both of us right now.

I have also been rolling my eyes at myself for some of the things that make me tear up. And this morning I told DH I think I might have some extra snark this pregnancy. hehe
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