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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

Originally Posted by Nielsen6 View Post
Ok so maybe I was desperatly hoping I "wounded him for life", I like him so much he will let you pick him up and loves to be scratched under his wattles. He used to be such a sweetie. If he doesn't behave he may be dinner

We had the same thing happen.... Our Roo was our big baby for a long, long time... And then, he changed and we couldn't trust him. Then he attacked me. For DH that was the end. Just too unpredictable around little ones.

Originally Posted by sarahannecloud9 View Post
You guys just won't believe this!!!! I entered the big Hasbro toy giveaway, forgot to go back each day and re-enter. The boys won second prize!!!!!!! We can give Cayden a nice present! We were only going to be able to do 1 nice toy each from Santa and a cpl small items from us. Now Cayden will get a great toy!!!! I'm in tears ya'll. How lucky was this? What a blessing. This is one of the things that reassures me of God's existance. When we're rock bottom, he provides. Somehow he always has. I CAN'T wait to tell Ray!!!!
; I have put so much money into the girls. There just hasn't been any way to save. These chickens are more than pets. Sadly they are food for us. They can be pets too. It was a good investment. We will have a full freezer come spring, but so much money. So many issues came up with taking the lasat group from that dumb guy. I wouldn't change a thing. It just really messed up with the ability to save for presents. The boys are great, Cayden does get it's about Jesus and not all presents. BUT, what kid doesn't enjoy a nice thoughtfull present. It says he will either get a beyblade destroyer dome, or a nerf vortex pyragon. Still havn't looked them up yet, but he loves the beyblade stuff, lol. He'll love it no matter what. It can be for both of them if it's age appropriate. If not, we can get William somethign.

Sorry for the ramble, I'm just sooo overwhelmed!
Amazing blessing, Sarah!!! So, so happy for you guys!
Kat ~ Mum to G (11), D (9) and O (7)
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