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Donating is easier

My basement has become a nightmarish place. Besides the occasional creepy spider it has also gotten overrun with...STUFF! I had designated an empty area for items to sell or donate. At times I had made progress by actually selling or donating, but recently things have just been sitting there, taking up space!
I had three large boxes packed to take to the children's consignment store. However, I hadn't made time to go there, and the thought of taking the boxes and two small children to the store sounded a bit unrealistic. Today I made a decision (after running it by my husband) to donate all of the children's items that I was going to try to consign for money.
I have made a friend through Freecycle who volunteers at a local Crises Pregnancy Center. She came to my house today, and took away four large bags, and a large box of stuff. It felt so good to clear items out of my house, and also know that they are going to a good cause where people in need can use them. It was also much easier than attempting to make that trip to the consignment store.

Tis the season to be generous, right?
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