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Re: Anyone have gallstones during pregnancy?

Originally Posted by Anabella'sMama View Post
Aww mama I know what you are going thru!!!!! I developed gallstones during my pregnancy as well (along with every other woman in my family!) Mine did not start until my third tri and I was in so much pain that I thought I was going to die! I had three really bad attacks in my last month where I was lying on the ground writhing in pain with a very big baby belly. The night before I went into labor I ended up in the e.r and was then transported to L&D for observation bc I was having projectile vomit of bile due to the gallstones (so not fun!) I've also had several attacks since dd has been born but the thing with me that I noticed triggered them is acid food like pasta sauce or pizza sauce. Can you pinpoint anything in particular that makes the react???? I'm delaying having mine out mostly bc I am a big baby but also bc I am bf and co-sleeping so I can't be getting kicked in the area where they remove my gallbladder.
Just try to eat a bland diet, I know easier said then done with preggo cravings right? lol And drink lots of water! GL

You should really check out this site that I mentioned before, you might get alot of help from it.

The site suggests that you can change your diet and keep from having to get surgery BUT in the case you DO need it....if you get laproscopic surgery it seriously is not bad at all, I was moving around in like 2 days and after 3 or 4 days I never even knew I had surgery...and that was with a hole in my belly button where of course my 28 wk old baby was kicking from the only hurt the first day or so and was only mildly uncomfortable not painful. Good luck momma!
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