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Is it time to give up? :(

My little lady is now 9 weeks old, and we have struggled with nursing since the beginning. Early on, she had frequent choking and gasping episodes that we had thought were caused by my overactive let-down and oversupply. I saw my lactation consultant and her pediatrician about it, and they agreed that was likely the problem. Soon, other symptoms appeared in addition to her choking/gasping and constant hiccups. She started gagging randomly, arching her back, refused to lay down, etc. I took her back to the ped who diagnosed her with reflux . I decided to try probiotics before starting her on meds. I've attempted elimination diets in the meantime with little effect.

Things took a turn for the worst these last couple of weeks. After a few particularly awful choking episodes, she has gone on a major nursing strike. She refuses to latch and will protest until we are both in tears. I started Prevacid in hopes of getting her pain under control. Her symptoms have improved but she still refuses to nurse. I tried the recommendations on KellyMom for nursing strikes with no luck. My lactation consultant recommended that I stick to pumping and feeding by bottle because syringe/cup feeding cause choking.

I have tried to get her to latch for every feeding for nearly two weeks now without success. Not forcing her, just encouraging her to latch. She obviously has an aversion to the breast because she associates it with choking and pain . I'm so sad and stressed. I do not know what to do next. Should I just go to exclusive pumping for her? I don't want her to be under stress or in pain. I want to do what is best for her, even if it means that we have to stop .

Sorry so long - thank you for reading!
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