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Re: Awesome discovery today at my grocery store

Originally Posted by jacksmommy1 View Post
Wow. Ive never seen that at our wegmans which iis outside Syracuse but again I rarely go in the bathroom lol
DP told me they had a similar setup after a recent Wegmans run...I don't know if it was the one closest to you or the one near the mall (we shop them pretty equally), but it's nice that they have that.

It's really a wonderful chain, & DP's out of state family used to go out of their way to shop @ Wegmans when they came to visit...I think it's great that they've expanded enough that FIL & SIL have one near each of them now. They treat their employees well, customers are treated courteously, and the stores are always clean & well-stocked. I just wish there was one in Oswego County so I could go there for lunch
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