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Re: Ahhh! Birthday present overload!

I am going to be facing this in a week when it's ds birthday, he really wanted a party to celebrate with his friends at the end of his first year of school, dh said it would be weird to put "no presents" on the invites so I know we'll get a bunch of stuff.
I think I will probably let ds have it for a while, I mean he will be given the gifts and want to open them and I would feel mean to take them right off him, also would feel bad knowing that other families have spent money and time. I will let him play with them until they are no longer used, broken etc and then they will go just like the others.
Since your child is younger and doesn't understand maybe you could re-gift them? that would be frugal and not wasteful. Or donate them to a charity for christmas, I am sure many families would appreciate them at this time of year.

Luckily as they get older - dd who is now 12 usually gets giftcards, books, money or itunes cards or her friends put in to buy something bigger so as they get older it tends they tend to get less crap.
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