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Re: Is it time to give up? :(

I feel for can be so hard to continually be rejected and also to be dealing with all those symptoms. It is okay to take a break from it and just pump only and bottle feed...maybe don't even offer the breast. Try just totally taking a break from it and returning in a few weeks. Try to have lots of skin-on-skin cuddle time and just wait and see if maybe the medicine gets the symptoms under control. If so, you can always try again later....or not. I found it helped me the most to just decide NOT to decide right now and to just decide to wait and see. It's such a hard place to be.

If it's any consolation, a few months from now, this will probably all be a hazy memory as your child will start to prefer solids...mine does (at 8 months).

Try to focus on all the good things that are working out for you as mama and child and not so much on the latching.
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