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I am currently going through this with number 4
It does get better if you can stick it out. ((hugs))

A few things I can think of off the top of my head.

Watch her when she is nursing. When she is nursing her tongue is between those teeth and your nipple. If you can catch her as she is moving her tongue out of the way it may give you enough warning to get a finger in there before she clamps down. .

Try hard not to react. I know easier said than done. You don't want her to do it more because she thinks your reaction is funny.

If she is clamped on pull her in towards your breast rather than away. So that your breast is covering her nose. That will make her unclamp rather than dragging her teeth across you. Calmly and firmly tell her no biting it hurts and put her down don't nurse her for say the next 10-15 minutes even if she signals to nurse.

Make sure you are drinking enough and try to relax. Sometimes biting is the result of frustration or boredom.

Finally if she draws blood continue nursing on that side. and try to keep the wound moist.
I know it seems counterintuitive but keeping it moist will help it heal more quickly. It will not hurt as much as you would think after the initial latch.

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