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Re: Is it time to give up? :(

Oh mama that sounds awful I am so sorry you are having these issues. The choice to continue nursing or EP is huge and very personal I just wanted to mention that our 2yo had VERY severe reflux and required 2 medications to keep her symptoms under control. She got zantac 3x per day and prevacid 1x. The pedi was prescribing the medication without instruction about the importance of timing and the pharmacy was compounding it wrong. Pump inhibator medication is only effective if it is given 30 minutes before eating. Otherwise it doesn't work well at all. Also, the medication needs to be made at a compound pharmacy. If you are getting it at a local drug store they are likely just mixing the beads from the adult pill in sterile water which is not as good and much harder for LO to get consistent dosing. The medication should be compounded in a sodium bicarb solution instead. If you have any questions please pm.
Just in case.
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