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Originally Posted by lalakiwi7
oye.... started lovenox today OUCHIE... wow i don't have much extra cushion any way but wow they burn.

So my IC this morning was exactly the same color as my IC from yesterday am. no lighter no darker. My FRER looked a tad darker but so hard not to over read every test and cramp and I am not even supposed to get my period until Tuesday or wed....
My IC from yesterday afternoon were darker than this morning so it's driving my crazy just feeling so helpless. Please baby don't you know we love and want you SOOOOOOO BAD!!!

I am praying for all us like crazy.... Please no more waiting in heaven. Trying to be positive and optimistic!!! We can do it!!!
Mine only got darker every 2 days. My first was the same color as my second (both with fmu). My third was much darker, my fourth was the same color as third, and fifth was darker. Evening tests were always lighter than morning tests. Don't freak yet... But it is sooooooo hard not to.

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