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Re: Diaper pricing

Sometimes I wonder, as a buyer and a seller what people were thinking

This is entirely subjective. I personally make up very specific prices. I over estimate the usage (so people are surprised in a good way about condition) and subtract from original purchase price based on usage-- I figure, like a car, you loose value once you drive it off the lot and it goes down from there. Currently, personally, I'm selling things that have never been used, or only very slightly because the didn't work for me. When I sell the stuff that does work for us, the price will be drastically (!) different because it will truly be used! Some people, both buyers and sellers, put a price on prepping items-- it can be a real resource saver for the buyer- if you see it that way. I can't sell stuff I virtually just tried on for 50% of original value, but have no intention of asking that much for things in rotation for months! The condition of the items I sell later will set my price-- no idea right now. I am also very happy telling people how I got to a price if they want to talk about it, but have no idea if other sellers feel the same.

I find reasonable offers acceptable- and welcome- as do most people, I think. We're all looking for a good deal! I really try to set very exact prices, but I'm not sure everyone does-- from what I've seen, maybe others set prices with room for bargaining in there and I'm going about this wrong. And the more someone buys, the easier it is to subtract from my shipping costs- as a seller, I'm happy to give that to the buyer. But I set my prices so you can try just 2 if that's what you need to not overbuy and just try. The very occasional "vulture" offers really bug me, but I have only personally seen a couple. I think on the whole, there are mostly nice to fabulous mamas on here- every so often I get a super lowball and I wonder if they're just looking for a desperate seller because they never write back.

Value is subjective so I say offer what you think its worth. If a price is crazy high, might want to just skip the listing all together. Someone else will always be selling tomorrow. I would think it would make sense to watch the board for a set time period to help you get a feel for what's available at what price. No one wants to over pay.

I'm no expert... I hope they will weigh in on your question I'd like to know how others set prices.
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