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Originally Posted by stevensmom View Post

back from tru. Exchanged a lego set my bff got him (that he already had) and then bought his friend Emily a game for her bday party next Saturday.

My headache is severe I went to bed with one and slept fine...then as soon as I opened my eyes this morning it hit right in my temple. Em was screaming at the store (typlical ) and I couldn't hold her. Now my nose feels really pressure icky and my eyes a sinus type of headache.

I've been dealing with constant headaches for the past month at least

Benj asked if it was my bcp..."maybe you need something else". Well I'd say no it's not (since I haven't been taking them for the past year)

I think I may have to make a call in to my pcp and get an appt. The fear of something actually really wrong is starting to set in. Reading too much online, is freaking me out
How are you avoiding? If u don't.mind me asking.
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