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Re: Bumps??

Originally Posted by mmeneely View Post
At 12wks, baby is only the size of a lime and the top of the uterus is just above thepubic bone
If you've had babies before, the body seems to show sooner but at 12weeks, there is no baby anything above the belly button.
I look 6 months pregnant and am only 3 because of my own fault. I was slim but didn't get fit and correct my abdominal walls. Because of that, I will spare you all the sight of my horrendous state. Feeling like more of a pig these days
this is always amazing to me when i think about it. with baby #3 im definitely 'showing' much sooner than before, even though i did get quite fit and have done pilates twice/week for years now. i think part of it is just muscle memory mixed with bloating. when i wake up in the morning my tummy is quite flat and by nightfall it has grown and stretched to look puffed out and this happens each day all over again.

the majority of my weight seems to be on my booty/hips and i know theres not a baby in there, only the 8 lbs ive gained already!!
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