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Re: Night Time Challenges and YOUR SOLUTIONS, PLEASE!????!!

Originally Posted by CaptainUnderpants'Mom View Post
For night time DS (11 mos) is in pull up/snap off trainers with a wool or fleece pull up soaker or longies. Potty stay by the bed and in case of leaks we have a mattress protector or small sheet saver mat on top of sheets under his bottom. Cosleeping makes a lot easier. Night time can be some of the best time for EC, as some babies wake consistently when they have to go. I find this is the case with my son.
I agree too. I have the bowl from the baby bjorn potty seat next to me in bed and whenever the LO wakes up, I put her straight on the toilet that's in my lap. She pees, wipe, and back to sleeping next to me.

It'll get better!!!! Just hang in there, momma!
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