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9 homemade postpartum pads !!!! SOLD!!!!!

SOLD!! Thanks mama!

I made these pads myself before DD2 was born, and due to extenuating circumstances, I only ended up using them for a couple days before we had to go out of state and I left them behind. I am by no means a seamstress, I did use a pattern to cut everything out, but all the stitching was done free-hand, so it is certainly not perfect! They are fleece-backed, with 1 layer of terry cloth and 5 or 6 layers of organic cotton internally, topped with organic cotton. There are 8 matching and 1 with a different pattern, ran out of the original fabric! The insides are stitched to the fleece backing so they can't shift around inside, and the top layer has two strips of stitching to act as channels for absorption. They have metal snaps to close around panties. They are 10-10 1/2" long and 3-3 1/2" wide when snapped. They can be folded up and snapped to contain any messes after using. The few times I did get to use these myself, I felt like they were very absorbent and surprisingly comfortable, they are bulky for sure, but I couldn't see any obvious sign of them showing outside my clothes, and they were certainly better than the disposable postpartum pads I had used with my first pregnancy! Only two have visible stains, shown in the picture below. Some of them might look like they have a slightly pinkish hue, but that is the internal layers showing through a bit- the inner layers were mostly made from the same material as the top of the one different pad. I never really expected anyone else to see these, but I'm desperately trying to de-clutter and we're done having babies, so I would like for these to go to someone who might give them a try instead of disposable pads. Even if it's just to experiment, like I was. I'm just asking $25 for the set of 9, plus actual shipping from 24138, just to cover the cost of my materials and my very cheap labor... Please let me know if you have any questions- once these are sold I will not accept them back! Thanks a bunch!!

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