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Re: Basically it's the weekend!

Originally Posted by redgirlsmama View Post
Ugh, we went to Montevideo and B threw up 3 times in Runnings I swear DH only wants to go run errands on days that the kids feel not great. Oh well.
We went and looked at phones at an actual store, and apparently DH agrees with Janine and wants the Samsung Note It is funny because he uses his phone as a way to check email, the time and maybe make a call. Maybe since it isn't a blackberry he will use it more? IDK. I think we will get them through Costco though because they come for same price or cheaper with lots of extra accessories and a 90 day exchange policy. So maybe he will realize that his phone is "too much"
Oh, and also I just had someone ask if we want to borrow their pony, so I think we are getting a big pony in March that apparently loves to be groomed and have her hair brushed. So a life sized my little pony.
It is awesome though. Once you have it set up with all the apps you'll want you'll be really really happy with it.

I mean there are so many that you can get but just a few are kindle, Roku remote, flipboard, swiftkey3 (I know the Samsung has a keyboard but this is Miles above the level of that), finally... Gtasks or Tasks+

I have all of those as does Heiner. We love them. I have lots of other ones too....Camera ZOOM FX is great for fab photos. flash eye removal is one I use a lot. Picsart is one I use to fix and touch up photos (poor Shannon) and then there's Runtastic and my fitness pal.

It has a really cool method of switching over the phone to driving mode or speaker mode. Plus a ton of other things I cant even think of right now.

Sorry about the puking
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