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Re: ~~December~~ Chicken Moma Chat Thread. :) Come chat!

We were dealing with them pretty badly. We found the entry way. It was where the pipe from the kitchen sink went into the floor. Ray calked it up super heavy. We see them run up the walls outside to get under the lip of the foundation and under the house. They just can't get in. We seriously batteled them in my van! Crap everywhere in the mornings. We ended up using tons of the old school snap traps in soda boxes and slathered with pb. We just kept catching them till gone. Same in the shed/barn. There is really no getting rid of them, just keepking the numbers down and out of the house. One lady places a empty garbage can next to the kitchen counter, puts some pb in the end of a empty paper towel roll. Places teatertottered on the edge and it falls in the can when it goes into eat. i'd set up a cpl of those every night. And snap traps in a soda box. No mess. But, you have got to find the entry ways. They can even chew through metal scouring pads. AHHHH!

AFM-What a day! Took all day to catch all the chickies. Grrrr. I watched them for a really long time. Sadly I found it was 5 extreamly aggressive little roos. I had ot do it. I couldn't rehomed them where they would do the same thing to someone eleses chickens. Everyone is heavily coated in blue. I hope they can settle into a new order and chill out. I don't want anyone tormenting anyone elese. Poor babies. They were ALL the australorpXbuckeye one.

To make this misserable year worse!...............ya ready! Stupid Elly May relapsed and went broody again.......................THEN, not elly may went broody too. That's the twin that just has wider eyes. Only diff, lol. They are now both locked in the run. I have nowhere elese to put them. Ya know, when you go to build a coop, what don't people tell you you will HAVE to also build a broody breaker/isolation/hospital pen too!?! GAH!
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