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Originally Posted by myclanof6
Just keep in mind, they use sedation which is not quite the same as anesthesia. DD has had a few done and had no ill effects from them. Almost all but 1 or 2 were done when she had almost no immune system and at least one when she was in house with sepsis (she was actually put under sedation for another test but we went ahead and had them schedule the ABR since we were there anyways).

Good luck with everything! Hopefully your LO won't reject the hearing aids if they need them. DD is a defiant 2 yo who refuses to wear them.
I feel your pain. Ds2 got his at 32 months, it took about 2 months of trying to have him wear them for a little bit of time each day, he hated them! And then one day we put the same sticker on his that ds1 had on his and woukdnt you know he has worn and loved them everday since. I cried for a week. Hes had them almost a year now and alrhough his speech is still quite delayed he does talk and is learning new words everyday .

Op, how did the recent tests go?
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