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Re: Chat Thread ~ Dec 2nd-8th

from last weeks' thread

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
I realize that the issue isn't completely a lack of friends... More like everyone is a parent, so getting 'away' isn't easy like it used to be. Ah well. Add to that most everyone I know is a wife, mother AND student and I really don't know how these women have time for anything.

Baby is kicking in a new spot. Not as low, but can't be high enough to be head down. No weird belly shapes for sideways. Maybe baby is just punching instead of kicking I think DD punched more than kicked.
It is hard when your friends are parents too - although I think it's hard when they're not as well, cuz they (usually) don't understand what having kids is really like in terms of going out. Do you get together with your friends and their kids for play dates or play groups?

Sounds like baby is transverse - at this point they're still small enough that being transverse likely wouldn't make for any weird belly shapes, like it would later on when baby is bigger.
My babies tend to be transverse until about 24-26 weeks, and then have all turned head down... except DS2.

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
you know you're a mom when grocery shopping alone is a vacation and family vacation is like working overtime
So true!

Originally Posted by KelseyH View Post
DS is sick. DH let him run around without a coat on after Bible study on Thursday (hello, GERM CENTRAL) and I told him to put a jacket on, but nooooo... It took DS a long time to warm up after they came inside (it wasn't freezing outside, but it was cool and DS is just a little guy!) and sure enough, Friday around lunch time DS was a snotty, miserable mess.
Got some quotes for our bathroom reno!!
Baby is moving a lot. I still have people chastising me about not showing enough :P starting to wonder if maybe I have a slightly tilted uterus?? My mom's is tilted and she never showed before 6-7 months with all three kids.
Sorry your DS and DH are sick - although, to be fair to him, I really don't believe that being cold outside will make you sick. Sounds like you guys just happened to pick up a bug somewhere last week. it doesn't last long for either of them!
for the bath reno - and good luck!

How in the world, or rather why, would anyone chastise you for not showing "enough"? There is no "enough" - every body is different, some mamas show early, some never show at all! And there's nothing you can do about it either way! Goodness, people are dumb at times. A tilted uterus could definitely account for it, though.

Originally Posted by KelseyH View Post
I know!!! Luckily my friend who has two boys just had a baby girl. She's only a couple months old, so if I see something I just *have* to have, I can buy it for her.
I did the same with my friend's DD (she's a day older than my DS2).

Originally Posted by mommy2wyatt View Post
I don't know if its just from being sick, I ate this morning so I don't think it would be that. It was scary.
Sounds like normal pregnancy low blood sugar - I always carry around some trail mix or some other quick "pick me up" in the diaper bag. Trail mix is a good choice, though, because it's got some craisens and raisens (which gives a quick sugar boost) and also nuts (which gives protein to help keep sugar levels... well, level for longer).

Originally Posted by dagmomma View Post
AFM--we went car shopping yesterday and got half the battle done--getting dh into the dealership. But can I just say the dealership is worse than a root canal!!!!

After the long drive back kids were sleeping and we put them to bed and I suddenly felt extremely sick. Thought it may be morning sickness and then the gates opened and I vomitted!!! I guess I got what dd had. Still hoping it is just morning sickness bc otherwise we will have 3 more sick people soon. I feel achy and sluggish today but no fever. So I am hoping to just get through.
Good luck with all the car stuff! Sorry about the ! That really stinks. it was just a fluke m/s hit, or, if it is a bug you caught, that it doesn't last long.

AFM: OMGoodness, so tired! It was such a busy weekend - but a good one.
In total (4 shows) 1029 people came through Bethlehem Live The shows went well, the kids were pretty good. Zech got to his karate stuff just fine and did well - thanks to Grandpa! And Levi had a good day with Grandma and Grandpa on Saturday
Today we made it (late ) to church, went for lunch with our good friends, bought our Christmas tree (!!!), and spent the rest of the day at DH's parents house, just sitting around visiting. DH, MIL, and DD did go out at one point to pick out MIL's tree too
We've got the tree on the top of the van still, so we'll get it inside and set up tomorrow, decorate it sometime in the next few days (like to give it a day or so for the branches to relax). And we're going to DH's colony on Wednesday to see Fred Penner I'm excited! The kids are all "who's fred penner?"
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