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Re: REALLY need suggestions....feel like I'm losing the homeschooling battle :(

If she likes MUS, stick with it.

We use Apologia for science. We like the links in the book extras section of their website, and also supplement those with googled videos of whatever we are studying. My children like the experiments, but we don't do a lot of the writing/notebooking. I tend to fold all writing assignments into our grammar curriculum.

We use Shurley for grammar/language arts, but your daughter may find that boring. There are tons of other ways to learn grammar, including just doing a LOT of writing assignments. There is a grammar curriculum that uses color-coded blocks to classify parts of speech and build sentences. I can't remember the name of it, which is frustrating, because I think one of my daughters would do well with it.

We use Spelling Power for spelling, but you can simply fold that into your other work, focusing on the words she misspells.

We started using Tapestry of Grace this fall, and are really loving it. It covers most of the humanities, except language arts. There is a lot of reading, which can be done together or independently. There are hands-on activities for the lower grades, but I don't know why you couldn't do them with older students, too.

If your daughter is more kinesthetic, try doing more games, incorporating music into your day (and moving to that music), and switching your subjects frequently. Make sure she gets outside every day, and make sure she gets to be physically active as much as possible. You could also try having her sit on a yoga/balance ball instead on a chair and giving her "fidget toys" (check out Melinda Boring, she has a lot of ideas).
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