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Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
I think that's funny.. being chastised for not showing enough... lol - like we have any control over that.

you know, I might have a tilted uterus as well.. they told me at my last pap that I had a tilted something.. and tilted vagina gets pretty much no google results, so I'm thinking uterus. lol. maybe that's reason #2 that I don't show very much until they end.

I know some people still think that you're not a healthy preggo unless you're eating for 4 people and waddling around by 20 weeks. ah well, what can you do....
You're in trouble either way. You're either not showing enough or you're so big you just MUST be having twins. :P So annoying. I have 2 friends with long torsos and they were smaller at delivery than I am now! Another who's on her 1st baby due 2 weeks later and half as big. It's just so variable, I wish people would keep their opinions to themselves!
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