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Originally Posted by canadianbakers

Sorry your DS and DH are sick - although, to be fair to him, I really don't believe that being cold outside will make you sick. Sounds like you guys just happened to pick up a bug somewhere last week. it doesn't last long for either of them!
for the bath reno - and good luck!

How in the world, or rather why, would anyone chastise you for not showing "enough"? There is no "enough" - every body is different, some mamas show early, some never show at all! And there's nothing you can do about it either way! Goodness, people are dumb at times. A tilted uterus could definitely account for it, though.
Oh no, I definitely agree. I don't think it was JUST being outside, but it was definitely a tax on DS's body that he didn't need. If he wasn't having to work so hard at staying warm, his body could've been fighting off whatever yucky thing he picked up. Kwim? Same thing with DH. So far I am fine except for a very mild scratchy throat. I am super vigilant about it, though. I hardly ever get sick, but when I do, it's bad. Like sinus infection bad and that is NO fun while pregnant!

Oh trust me... I am NOT showing enough! it's hardly a noticeable baby bump - sometimes it still just looks like a spare tire, haha. I think it's partly because I work out, but I am definitely thinking my uterus is at least a little off kilter

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange
I think that's funny.. being chastised for not showing enough... lol - like we have any control over that.

you know, I might have a tilted uterus as well.. they told me at my last pap that I had a tilted something.. and tilted vagina gets pretty much no google results, so I'm thinking uterus. lol. maybe that's reason #2 that I don't show very much until they end.

I know some people still think that you're not a healthy preggo unless you're eating for 4 people and waddling around by 20 weeks. ah well, what can you do....
Well... I could just totally gorge! Lol. Although that would probably just make me feel sick. I am up 5.5 lbs so far and I feel like that is plenty. My weight gain really snowballed with DS - when it started, IT STARTED. I feel healthy, though, and that's what I say when people go, "are you sure you're pregnant?!!" or, "are you ever going to start showing?!" etc... "Yup, there is a baby in there, alive and kicking and perfectly healthy. Mama is staying healthy, too."
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