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Re: LOW milk supply.

She pees pretty well. I went to WIC and got a SNS, which I haven't actually used yet, because she's been doing pretty well. I've actually cut back, just a few nursing sessions, to one breast because she's satisfied. We're about halfway through our can of formula, and I'm still keeping up with offering both breasts first, and then falling back on formula if it's a last resort. I'm always drinking something, and am going to get a flat of water so I can keep some cold in the fridge. I'm taking Fenugreek still, and I made some lactation cookies. When I was at WIC, I asked to have her weigh, and she's NINE pounds!! So, she's absolutely gaining weight, and it took a huge weight off my shoulders. The breastfeeding consultant said it's probably a growth spurt, but I was hesitant to believe that since it's been like three weeks now. Seems a bit too long for that. But things seem to be going a bit better. I HATE having formula in the house, though, because I'm tempted to have SO get up with her at night. But I only want him to do that if he can give her expressed BM, which I still can't get enough just yet.
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