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Originally Posted by MotherMoonPads

No, that isn't what I'm saying at all

I'm saying that I would look at each sling individually, no matter who made them (WAHM or mass producer). I would check for an appropriate weight fabric, sturdy stitching, and SlingRings being used.

I would choose a WAHM ring sling (like Sleeping Baby Productions) over a mass produced one like a Dr Sears sling.
Gotcha! I found it a bit odd if you would (given your WAHM status ;-) ). Safety is certainly my first concern though!

How do I know if my rings are sling rings?The stitching certainly seems tight and the fabric seems appropriate. The rings are a fairly heavy, gold-ish colored metal. They also seem substantial and I don't recall seeing anything like them anywhere else. They are probably 4 or so inches in diameter.
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