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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (November)

So glad you made it Jennifer! I'm so glad you get to be here and pray baby E will be a healthy take home baby some time in July. I must admit I felt really guilty when my September cycle had worked and yours didn't. ((((Hugs)))) Holidays and hormones really don't mix. I mean I tear up at Advent songs right now and I don't have a December/January loss.

Jamie-the milestone weeks are HARD. FWIW It always helped me to schedule some extra appointments during my milestone weeks and I went as far as going 2x a week between RE and OB this time.

(((Deanna))) Try to take it one day at a time. Praying things are fine.

AFM-still waiting for the hyperemesis to get better. *sigh* Another bad day with needing an IV yesterday. Oh well-it's worth it!!! Did I tell you guys that I got the leave? So at least we're good financially and it takes some worries off my shoulders because my boss will be able to hire a maternity replacement Still a weird feeling that I'll be a SAHM until baby turns 2. But not a bad thing for sure!
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