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Re: ~~December~~ Chicken Moma Chat Thread. :) Come chat!

Love the pic!!!!!

Yea, I know. I keep telling Ray. The only meanie is Elly May. I'm still witteling away at him to get rid of her. Ugh. I want this stupid devil bird GONE! I'm so nervious thta when the lo's are introduced she will be a bully. She wasn't too bad when the other littles were introduced. She really doesn't bother anyone. She likes her space and solitude. She normally out forraging rather than with the others. She's a great free-ranger. Even the australorps have mellowed with age. I just know adding to the flock will cause changes to the order. I won't tollerate her being a bitc$ to any littles. I have the peepers and I'm not affraid to use them. I actually planned to put them on the buckeyes when we do the introduction to take her down a cpl pegs. I for sure will not make the mistake of using her eggs again! All her chicks we have will be for meat. Sure don't want anymore attitude. I'll keep working at Ray in the meantime. They are his chickens, the only ones he chose? Maybe I could get him some silkies and he'd be persuaded. He really has a fancy for them. Guess he never even drempt a chicken could look so cool. Or tophats? Something docile and interesting. I really do need a rabbit hutch. I'll put up an ad!

The chickies outside are great this am. Getting along perfectly!
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