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Re: ~~December~~ Chicken Moma Chat Thread. :) Come chat!

Sarah, I hope that you find a good, loving home for Patience! Sorry about the picking roos, though.

Fodie, mice!!! Eeewww we had such a HUGE problem at out last house! They drove me nuts! It seriously got to the point that I wouldn't even both chasing them around when I saw them in the house, because I knew I would never catch 'em anyway. We never did find a solution. We just lucked out because the house we just bought is pretty new (8 years old!) and really tight. We haven't had a single mouse! I'm just not used to that. lol Wish I had some advice for you!

Liz - You've got some great cats, there! Our cats are indoor/outdoor, and they always brought us live mice as "gifts". Ick!

LOVE the peeps!!! <3

DH finally assembled the coop yesterday! I'm beyond excited! It's small, and a temporary setup until we build a BIG coop someday. It's perfect for our 6 babies to move into when they're ready to go outside. It comes with an attached run, but it's kinda small. To me, anyway. In the spring, we plan on building a really big run all around our side yard where we will keep the coop. Plus, the coop was SO easy to build, DH said he doesn't mind if I buy another one. Make room for some EE's and Frizzles. Gotta build that run, though!

Now we're thinking about heat... the coop is pretty tiny (36" long, 22" wide and 26" tall). I wonder if the natural heat from 6 chickens will keep them warm enough in there?

FIL is installing an outdoor outlet on that side of the house this week so we can run an extension cord for whatever we need. In the spring, DH will dig a ditch and run underground electric out to the coops.

I need your advice on heat! Since it is a small coop, and the chickens will already give off their own heat, what would you recommend as a supplement? They'll still be kinda young when they move out, and it will be January in NY (temps are usually below freezing). I don't want to put in TOO much heat, though, and roast them!

Any recommendations for something that provides a little heat, but not too much?

Also - water heaters! I am hoping to be able to keep the food and water out in the run because of the coop space. Any suggestions for a way to keep the water from freezing while it's outside?
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