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Originally Posted by mommy24babes
Well this is not the answer I thought I would get here I don't feel so bad about not being able to part with them now.

90% of them are hand me downs and not replaceable/common. They are books from the early 80s for the most part.

We own a few Eric Carle book that we actually just bought because my newly 3 yo wants to read them 20 times a day

I need a way to organize them though. Most are thin paperbacks so you can't see the title without taking the whole book out.
Make rain gutter bookshelves all around the room! Or spice racks work (like the cheap wood ones from ikea) I will get links to pictures in a bit. I have gotten rid of over 200 kids books and don't feel bad. I kept a lot too but I kept ones that are favorites. We have a library across the street if we need more
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