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Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange
I think that's funny.. being chastised for not showing enough... lol - like we have any control over that.

you know, I might have a tilted uterus as well.. they told me at my last pap that I had a tilted something.. and tilted vagina gets pretty much no google results, so I'm thinking uterus. lol. maybe that's reason #2 that I don't show very much until they end.

I know some people still think that you're not a healthy preggo unless you're eating for 4 people and waddling around by 20 weeks. ah well, what can you do....
Your tilted vagina cracked me up! Not that you thought that might be what they said, but that you said google had no results.

Add me to the list of tilted uteri (never needed to use the plural of uterus. Is that right)? I am definitely showing but it definitely still hides in some clothes. I totally agree that it depends on how you carry. I think people just want something to say and dont realize how annoying (or in some cases mean) they come off. Especially regarding skinny, thin, or in case of pregnancy not showing much people think they are giving you a compliment or teasing about something "nice". It bothered me a lot last time, but this pregnancy I am a lot more mellow. I smile and say something like, "well my feet and siatic nerve sure feel it!"

Mommy2wyatt- how scary to faint like that. Glad you are ok!

Afm: we went on a "polar express" ride yesterday. DS is crazy about trains and we read the book about 3 times a day so you can imagine his excitement! U/s today! Praying for a healthy baby!

Elena, I have pretty much decided to put our dog down. Every shelter, trainer, behaviorist, and vet I have called (my cell minutes are gonna be close to over this month!) recommends we put him down. So DH asked me to give his work friend a week to try and find a home for him, but I think he just needs time to process it. I am gonna set something up for late this week or early next week.
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