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Re: Books books and more books

Books are a weakness of mine as well. It's easier to get rid of my own books but I loved books as a kid and read everything in the house. It's one thing I'd rather have too many of. Well, that and purses.

I know that's not very helpful or very minimalist. I've purged some kids' books, though. Get rid of anything that's in rough shape, that is "outgrown," that you just plain don't like (or doesn't fall in with your family's values), etc. Of those, if there's anything sentimental then store it away with other keepsakes.

If you're still in the early stages of purging, I would focus your energy on bigger things. Although I would definitely also make sure that you at least organize the books that you do have, and make sure your kids are putting them back when they are done. My kids are still young, but my son (2 years old) is able to put his books back.
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