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Originally Posted by Mom2Connor
I have a tipped uterus as well, for both pregnancies (I'm not sure if the tipping can change or not, so figured I'd mention that, LOL!). I definitely show, tipped or not! I think it really just depends on your body, how much weight you naturally carry even when not pregnant, and probably something to do with abdominal muscle strength.
ITA! I think because I'm lean people expect me to show right away... But DH was jealous of my six pack six months after DS was born I haven't really stuck with it during this pregnancy, but maybe there are some residual abs? Haha.. That's what I'll say next time... "why aren't you showing yet?" "Oh, my abs are just squishing the baby." O.o haha.

So, it's official. I am sick. I woke up at three am and was totally congested with a sore throat. Ugh! Luckily, my sweet DH called in, so he is home today and tomorrow (his normal off shift day). Thank goodness! Gabriel is just getting worse.
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