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Re: ~~December~~ Chicken Moma Chat Thread. :) Come chat!

Originally Posted by sarahannecloud9 View Post
As far as heat, that's a hard one. I'd need to see how well ventilated it was and look at the size and layout. They will produce 10 watts each when fully grown. Being small, not much at all. They will deff need something with the time of year and age. Can you post a pic of the inside, outside, and vent? I know, a pain. Ever coop is diff. My big coop has 2 250's, my little has 1 250. Well ventilated and the heat rises so we need more heat. I also angle the light where it disperses for the layout.

Found it! Boilt this for super cheap. I put electrical tape around the unit for good measure.
Oooohhh, Sarah! That's a really smart idea!

Here's the listing for the coop with lots of pictures:

The ventilation is those two holes cut on the one side. Not sure if that counts as lots or a little. lol The website *says* it has good ventilation!

I have another question! It's supposed to be kinda warm today - a little over 50 degrees. I'm wondering if today would be a good day to bring the chicks out to play in the run for a bit? They are a month old now, and doing fine in the cold basement with no heat. I would imagine that it gets as low as 50 some nights.

I was thinking about letting them play in the run for a while. Any reason why that would not be a good idea?
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