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Re: Worried about baby's weight gain

hang in there, mama! sounds like there's a scale issue

78th percentile isn't something to worry about unless you see major changes. variation in nursing habits is normal-- but you're doing the right thing by following your instincts!! if you're worried, do get an outside opinion... if you're not sure about the LC you're talking to and want another opinion, you can call another support center or a hospital with LCs.

I'm quite sure I didn't always feed either of mine 12x a day by 2-3 months, but would if they were asking or I felt they were acting differently. Try not to beat yourself up Easier said than done. Wake or not depending on how you think things are going.

And if you're into vax, don't feel guilty!! Personal choice and I have yet to know anyone who didn't benefit IRL from them. You decide.
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