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Originally Posted by Miss squish
Ds is 6 1/2 months close to 17 lbs and 28 inches. I have an ergo that ivebeen using since he got too heavy for the moby to feel sturdy enough and I have loved it more than I thought. I have been wearing ds on my back now more recently as its more comfortable. Today was only the third or fourth time I've carried him on my back while out, and this time he fell asleep. He's tall enough his head was waaaaay back, I can't believe he was sleeping that way lol! I caught sight of him in the reflection of the frozen food case and tried to wiggle him into a better position but only succeeded in waking him up screaming. He will NOT wear the hood either so I can't put it on him to support his head in case he falls asleep.

Is this to be expected with an SSC as he gets taller? I know other carriers have longer bodies but he will eventually outgrow them too. I'm wondering if I should get a woven and go back to wrapping him and leave the ergo for his father when we are out together. Will we have the same dangling head issue in a back carry with a wrap or can I support him better that way?
This is a downside to the Ergo - they're just really short. I hated feeling like my DS was falling out so I got a different carrier and got rid of the Ergo.

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