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Re: Books books and more books

I had a hard time with this too, but after we purged, I didn't regret it. My kids read more now, because they aren't overwhelmed with so many choice. Before, I'd end up with pile of books on the floor because they'd pick one up and throw it down, or read a page or two and throw it was just too much choice. Now they have few enough to focus. (To make this even easier on them, we pick 1-2 books every day for each of them to have out and replace yesterdays choices. They also have about 3 seasonal (per season) books out at all times).

I just counted and our total comes to 20 books (plus seasonal that are stored away). To be fair, 3 of them are compilations. (dr. suess, grimms complete works, and shel silverstein). This seems to be the perfect amount for us!

(on a side note, I also find that when my toddler rips books, I can tape it up and keep it good as new, instead of become daunted by so many books and random pages ripped out that I ended up throwing them all out. But that may not be a common problem....I just have an awful book destroyer over here.)

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