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adviced needed on when to try

just got married. hubby has one child from previous marriage, I have 5 from previous... I LOVE babies and pregnancy (my job was as a midwife for well over a decade)
and here I am, said I have to be married before I would consider another baby... (he was wanting a baby asap) and now he thinks we should wait up to maybe a yr. mainly cause we just moved in together this fall and eloped last week. he is starting school back up (free thru his veterans benefits) and the youngest child here is 2 1/2 and throwing tantrums lately. (great birth control) she loves babies tho.

he is leaving it up to me but he REALLY wants a boy. we have 4 girls and 2 boys combined. (he has not had a boy) but hes lost children thru miscarriage as I have as well. so we are sensitive to this possibility.
we are both 37 and I am having hot flashes yet seem fertile, I may not be dropping eggs. we dont see drs much so I suppose I could go in for a test to see how much time I have left...

the thing is, if we try this month, I would be due in August, which I ALWAYS wanted. (must be round in warm months and newly pregnany/sick in cold months)
its also a boy month for me but I have not done the diet very well. and my ph is very acidic right now.

I am very close to ovulating this month (days away) and we have already dtd several times w no protection so we have to stop today if we wait.

we are planners and I am trying to get ok "birth months" that arent packed with other b days or major holidays. what to do? I am worried if I wait, I may lose my chance.(I have 2 friends that hit menopause at 32 and 29 so its a great fear) yet I understand his need for me to NOT be ill right after marriage. we still have a honeymoon to do this spring to so I would be 4 months along (and I really want to go on a few non- rollercoaster rides)

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