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Re: Nov Chat - Aug '11 babies

So we went to the dealership saturday night and they were going to give us numbers today. So to keep telling you my car drama but here it goes We gave them the info bc we had to leave after 2 hrs of being there bc dh had a holiday Christmas meeting/dinner.

the run down

We went to the dealership said we wanted
2-satellite radio

What they showed us

1) 2012 New with nothing in it for $30000--sorry I am not paying $30000 for a car that has NOTHING IN IT! That will be $22000 next yr

2) 2013 everything in it for $37000--it's a mini van right? Sorry if it sounds snobby but seriously some perspective here.

So when they called us with the numbers and what they had for us--you guessed it not with in the down payment we told them and not the monthly budget we gave them.

I guess the fact that we went there on a Saturday night with 3 kids gave them the indication that we are idiots.

So Dh is like look I do not care how much the total cost is as long as it
a-has what we ask for
b-fits in our monthly budget

1) I do not care if it fits in our monthly budget I am looking at how soon we can pay it off and so it has to fit in the budget but it has to paid off ASAP!
2) If it fits everyone and is in proper working condition (ok so that was 3)

Sorry for the vent
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