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Re: ~~December~~ Chicken Moma Chat Thread. :) Come chat!

Gosh, wish I had a moment to catch up on everyone. Read just a little and sorry to hear some of the sad news.

I spent some time this morning taking snaps of the flock. We are 5 weeks on Wednesday. We let them free from the coop when we are outside with them.

A hawk came in our yard yesterday when dd was outside, she said it's wingspan was as wide as she is tall. YIKES! She was in the coop letting some chicks eat out of her hand, others were just in front of the coop free ranging. The hawk swooped down right to where the flock was, as soon as she stood up, it went away. She said it had it's tallons outstretched like it was after one of our beloveds!

We have:

1 white Cochin pullet

Straight run:
2 black polish (think one roo)
1 buff polish (think hen)
2 mille fleur no combing at all on these, maybe pullet
2 black frizzle 1 has some really red raised combing & wattles, 1 not as much
2 buff Seabrights 1 acting very roo and has red raised comb, 1 acting hen grooming everyone
1 red frizzle
1 supposed to be red frizzle, but didn't frizz and even looks standard size, much bigger than red frizzle
1 buff silkie
1 red silkie

pix of chicks!

If anyone needs a distraction, I have literally 111 pics to check out. If you think you see Roos, let me know, feel free to leave comments. And sorry for the duplicates, I did not have time to edit at all. And I have little to no experience photographing chicks for sexing, so if it makes more sense to catch them and take close ups, we can do that, lol!

I am thinking for sure one of the seabrights is roo, he picks on EVERYONE. And can be seen in pics picking on buff polish! The other seabright we feel is hen, she grooms everyone, is so sweet, can be seen in pics grooming the black polish we think is a roo.

The buff polish is really sweet natured and stays to herself a lot because the seabright is pestering her and isolating her from the flock. We don't like him. He is also really vocal. The silkies are next to impossible to photograph as well as the white Cochin, my favorite. They are all really quiet along with the mille fleurs.

We have a black polish that thinks he's the leader and corrals everyone around. Doesn't seem mean like the seabright, but just watchful and attentive. The other black polish seems lower to the ground and more rounded. Neither have much in the way of wattles yet.

Little Precious passed on Saturday, I am relieved she is no longer hurting.

to all. Been a busy couple of days, celebrated my birthday yesterday and the fun continues today with DH who is on vacations & dd who is home from school today. Heading to the feed store back soon, hope to catch up on everything!

ETA: we cannot have Roos in the city and need to thin the flock ASAP, so any insight appreciated! We have experience with Cochins, but only hens, so most of these breeds are new to us. Oh and excited about the chicken of the month! I am head over heals in love with our Mama Cochin!
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