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Re: Another Biter!

Originally Posted by l_Kimmie_l View Post
I have no advice accept it is my worst fear with DS. He just got a tooth and hasn't started yet. His brother used to bite me so bad that like you, I bled, would tense up, wait for the big chomp, and eventually just pumped and weaned at about 11 1/2 months. I had enough breast milk stored for him to eat till 12 months, but I would like to nurse this time through the biting phase. My 2nd son never bit...I so hope this one is like him.

I hope you can get the baby to stop biting and not have to go through what you did last time. Maybe flick the cheek when she does it. I am not sure how you feel about that or if it even works.
Thanks for your input. I hope yours stays off the biting this time around. Sadly it has just gotten worse and worse for us. I know that it's not a supply issue as last night I was full and could feel it and she still went to chomping. I've just started taking her off everytime now but she still manages to do some damage before I can get her. She's a quick one, even when I am watching closely.
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