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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (December)

Originally Posted by lilbitcrunchy View Post
I've been MIA for awhile ladies sorry. DS does weird things to my pc and my phone apparently. However I had decided to be team green and was just not really dealing with it well. We've got so much going on with DH's job ending and I'm just stressed. I felt like maybe knowing would help me bond as I'd just been completely ignoring my pregnancy. I wasn't sure but I think since we had our u/s later than normal (23 weeks) there was just no hiding the fact that we were having a BOY lol. She put the probe down and bam there it was. It certainly helps make things more real and calling him by his name and talking to him is just what I needed to get out of this funk. DH has a permagrin too lol. We're going to tell our families at Christmas.
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