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So, I've been a little obsessive about toddler shoes for the last few weeks for my 15 month old. She is a pretty confident walker and strting to run and climb. I'm a big fan of the "Barefoot is Best" philosophy and my dd started out with soft sole Robeez and they've worked great for indoors and outdoors in summer.

Now I would like her to have a shoe that can go outdoors in wet conditions but still be very soft and flexible. I want zero heel drop and as much ground feel as possible. Not too much padding or "support."

I have pediped originals and Stonz booties on the way from Zappos to try (free returns if they don't work!) The Robeez mini shoez we tried hurt the top of her little pillow feet and were not as flexible as I'd hoped. What else should we try? See Kai Run? Stride Rite SRT? Merrell Kids? Are some of the "flexible" brands more flexible than others?

These specialty brands seem pretty expensive for being outgrown so quickly, especially in the outdoor sole versions, but I guess I will do less pairs per size (like, one outdoor and one indoor).

I also had her try a pair of Speedo water shoes- these were super flexible but so grippy that they made her trip. So I am worried about enough grip to not slip, but not too much to stick and make her trip or alter her stride. You know, just as grippy as bare feet are.

So, give me your reviews and experiences please, fellow shoe-nerd mamas!

UPDATE: The Pediped Originals are here! They seem to have a rubberish, nonskid outsole instead of the leather bottom I was expecting. Softer and more flexible than the Robeez mini shoez and higher in the toebox. Will try them on her later but I think they will be winners for dress shoes!

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