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Thank you everyone for the advice and/or encouragement! I really appreciate it! This is just an update on the whole thing:

YDD is weaned :-( I'm glad that I nursed her for so much longer than my ODD but sad that part of her babyhood is over. She got her top teeth and decided she wanted nothing else to do with nursing. (I offered to her consistently for about a week but she turned me down every time) Ex-H and I are currently going through co-parenting type of counseling to try and work everything out. I am having a lot of anxiety over this whole situation which I am working on separately with my own counselor. It stinks because normally I am a very strong person and don't have issues standing up for myself and my children but when it comes to him I can't. Any time we are around each other I have panic attacks/extremely high anxiety levels. It all stems from mental abuse I went through while with him. It makes it very hard for me to trust him. I think the biggest fear I have is that once he gets overnights with YDD he will disappear with both of my kids. (He has shown up unannounced before and taken my ODD and just disappeared with her for days) I am working on my issues and I really want my YDD to have a good relationship with her father like my ODD has. I'm just having a hard time letting go of the past.

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