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poop question...

My baby is 6 months old and breastfed. I have given her tastes of mashed banana, pear, apple, and sqaush. No reactions. No history of food allergies in our familes.

Today I read that there is not restriction of holding off on giving wheat anymore to I let my baby gnaw on a heel of bread. She loved it. Not its like 4 hours later and she just had a really watery poop. With a sesame seed or two in it (from the bread). Do you think this is something to be concerned about, that the bread maybe went right through her? She is totally fine otherwise! Happy, no rashes, NOTHING different except a weird poop.

try not to scare me in the replies. I'm already a worry wart....just tell me if something like this has happened to you and what you think.

Should I stop bread and try oats or rice first like "they" recommend?
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