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Re: Overwhelmed by doctor bills wwyd?

Originally Posted by Steph Ed View Post
I'm sorry Mama! You shouldn't have to be stressing about this on top of the stress of your son's health. I really don't have any advice other than I know that hospitals are usually happy if you can at least pay SOMETHING. Like $50 a month. If you can set it up to autodraft from your account, you shouldn't be getting any calls from them. That has always been my experience when dealing with medical bills.
I've found this to be true as well. Like another PP said, we could have paid for our house outright for what it cost to get DS through his first year of life, maybe plus some. We just lost insurance coverage for my DS's therapy...if we paid for it out of pocket at the rate he normally goes (twice a week), plus the cost of his medical formula, it would be MORE than our house payment. We have been investigating every option available to us for assistance and have fallen short. So I know the position you're in, and it's hard to have to balance the health care of your children vs. the financial strain it causes. There is a program in IL that is called DSCC (Dept of Specialized Care for Children) that assists with the costs of medically eligible kids, including expenses such as gas to and from hospitals/doctor visits and hotel, and I know that seizures/neurological impairements are covered. I wonder if there is a similar program in your state? Do you have a pediatrician you can ask, or someone like an Early Intervention coordinator? They are usually willing to at least give you some contact info. Good luck and I hope your son is doing ok!
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