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Re: baby in 5th percentile at 2months

The first indication of whether they are getting enough or not is diaper output. What goes in, must come out If a child is not gaining appropriately, there may be another cause such as reflux.

Second, the chart is a tool to help in the overall evaluation of the baby. The growth development for a breastfed vs formula fed baby is often not the same, hence why WHO has two charts. Not all pediatrician use both charts though. I think it's a red flag if a doctor is only concerned based on where they fall in the charts (not that you doctor is doing this) rather than looking at the overall picture - genetics, baby's color, milestones, diaper output, baby's own growth pattern.

If you are concerned, supplementing with formula does not have to be the first route you try. There are a lot of good suggestions as mentioned by other posters.
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