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Just a vent about MIL and Cd's

So I Had Mil babysit for me so I could go and get my hair done. We have been cloth diapering for forever, so you would think that she would be used to it by now!
Well the night before she calls to say that "I really don't do well with those cloth things you have for the you have any disposables that I can use instead?"

"Umm no sorry we do not, but don't worry I will leave out the easiest diapers I have. You don't have to do anything for them just put them on and leave the other in the wet bag I give you and I will take care of it..."

Mil- "what about wipes, do I have to use the cloth ones too? Couldn't you just go out and buy some disposables and wipes for me to use tomorrow?"

Me- silence (years I tell you, and she still doesn't get it!! )

MIL_ " those things are just so hard to use..I hate them!"

Me- "I'm sorry you feel that way, I just don't have any nor do I have the money to go an buy that for one day, I already am splurging and getting my hair done. They are really easy to use..all you have to do is put it on just like you would a disposable and take it off when soiled just like a disposable and leave it for me to do the rest!"

MIL - " (Big Sigh)- well I guess so, but you should probably take the baby with you, because I am not sure I can do it, plus if he needs a nap, I won't be able to take him upstairs, anyway I don't know why you create so much work for yourself..disposables are soo much easier"

GRRR!!! How on earth did she raise 3 children??? I'm ten years into being married to her son and I still can't beleive it!!

Do any of you have family that boycott CD's and after many years still give you a hassle?!!
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