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Re: Laundry questions - Tide, Mrs. Meyers dryer sheets, stripping wool?

I've used Tide for years with no issues. The "rules" as far as detergent have been debunked many times so I would not worry about it. Use what works for you. I do cold rinse, hot wash, cold rinse. I have not found that I need to do multiple extra rinses. I don't care for the scent either so I use Tide Free.

As for the wool, it sounds like felting. If they smelled of urine it would be from not using enuogh lanolin not too much. I lanolize every wash with a wool wash and either solid lanolin or a spray. Also maybe they need to be deep cleaned with Dawn or Tide then re-lanolized. When you relanolize you will need to use more than just the Eucalan if you want them to be bulletproof.
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