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Re: Just a vent about MIL and Cd's

My mom was a little condescending at first, she would say things to people like, "She does it because it makes her feel like a good mom."....... nope I do it because I like to.... and the fact that it feels normal to me is probably her fault.....

She cloth diapered me and my brother in the 80s and then my little sister in '97 plus she was a teacher at a day care that put all the kids in prefolds with covers. So its not like she doesn't know her way around a diaper.

My whole family on long island thinks I'm so poor I can't afford diapers...
but whatever. My 5 year old thinks that "paper diapers" are crazy-talk, and when I told him that I used paper diapers on him he was very confused.

Don't let her bug you. Just say, "You're a smart capable woman, I know you'll manage."

ETA: My MIL is in another country and I've only spoken to her once, so I don't really know anything about that kind of relationship.
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