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Re: Declined antibiotic for Group B & regretted it?

I tested GBS + at 37 weeks with DD but didn't find out till 39 weeks because the lab lost the results or something. I was having a homebirth, my midwife suggested the hibi clens washes which I did for 3 days before being retested. It was positive again (found that out 3 days after she was born though lol). The doctor that did the 2nd swab had given me an antibiotic rx anyway so we had those ready. I decided that if labor was prolonged, water broken early in labor etc then we would do the IV abx at home. I also had a urine culture done, if it had come back positive I absolutely would have done the antibiotics as that can indicate a more sever infection that may already be in the amniotic fluid. It was negative though.

As it is I ended up being in labor for just over 3 hours (and I had to have vancomycin which is once every 12 hours given over an hour so not very effective in such a short time anyway), my water broke right before pushing and I birthed in my tub which we had put iodine and hibiclens in. Baby was OK but I was paranoid and watched her like a hawk those first few weeks. If labor had been longer I would have done the abx, but I literally had no warning! lol
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